The Planktons live at The Triffid

G'day Punters and thanks for your attendance on Saturday night.

It was an unbelievable night where we set records for funds raised, crowd size and beers consumed. With over 400 people in attendance we were able to make our largest ever donations to our Brain Cancer cause and Conor Tweedy.

The night wouldn't have been possible without the incredible assistance of The Triffid and Footstomp music. A world class venue and fantastic staff. Despite our genuine amateur status the Triffid team made us sound like pros. We are hoping to get back there again next year but in the meantime do yourself a favour and get to as many shows as possible at The Triffid.

Big thanks also to the mighty Dirt Petty and the Drinkin Posse. The guys helped us out with great tips and advice as well us playing a sensational set of Tom Petty covers that kept the night kicking until well into the wee hours. They didn't even get that upset when they discovered we'd polished off most of their backstage brews!

And what about the contributions of Anna Sims and John Slater...........Sen bloody sational! We were thrilled to have them both join us on stage and you can rest assured they will be back for more in years to come.

Check out or facebook page for some pics from the night and please share your photos with us.

The Planktons are always keen to try new ideas and songs so if you fancy having a crack on things like keyboards, saxaphone or even just a triangle then give us a shout and come along to one of our jam sessions later this year.

We are always keen to play for a good cause so if you have an idea or know someone who needs a low budget, middle aged, charity covers band then give us a shout. Thanks again to everyone. Please spread the word about The Planktons and we'll see y'all next year.